Your data

Your courses, your users, your

At, we believe in giving more freedom to stimulate creativity and initiative. That's why we give full access to your platform data.

All your data, via API

Simple GraphQL endpoint, with docs

We love GraphQL because it allows us to query data elegantly, just use your API Key while making a request so that we can identify you and allow you to access all your data.

And with 'all your data' we mean all your user accounts, comments written by users, purchases, discount codes created, everything!

External integrations

Expand your platform's goal is to offer a simple and powerful platform for developers to build upon, and that's why we implemented an integrations system.

Integrations take advantage of the powerful GraphQL API and WebHook system to subscribe to events, access the platform data they need, and perform a task.

We already developed some integrations for the most popular services you can use, like Mailchimp, for subscribing a new user to a list and adding a tag after purchase.

HeadlessCMS & Open Source

Coming soon: Q1 2024

We believe that open sourcing leads to great and maintainable software, when great people from all over the world come together and build something they love something magical happens.

That's why we are committed to open-sourcing our engine, of course, we want to polish everything and establish a clear roadmap first, hence why it's gonna be available starting from Q1 2022. revenue model is going to be based on offering platform hosting, think like GhostCMS but for course creators.

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